Welcome to the Human Emotion Systems -laboratory`s Onni-net laboratory! The experiments that are currently underway are listed below - you can participate for as many experiments you want.

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List of experiments:

  • Name: The Yngwie Experiment
  • Instruction: This experiment is used for piloting the new web experiment platform for Human Emotion Systems laboratory.
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  • Name: Pleasure Experiment
  • Instruction: Pleasure is a powerful factor guiding human behaviour. We often find pleasure in meeting basic biological needs, but countless other things may also make us feel good. In this experiment, we map out how intense joy, happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment different things bring to people.
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  • Name: The Great Lonkero Experiment
  • Instruction: The experiment is used for the replication of Nummenmaa et al (2018; 2017; 2016; 2015) on the dimensions of Lonkero taste.
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  • Name: The Heavy Metal Study!
  • Instruction: Welcome to the Heavy Metal Study! This is a short questionnaire mapping the similarities and differences among heavy metal bands.
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