Pleasant feelings in the body

People experience a multitude of positive emotions in their body. In this short experiment we ask you to report whereabouts in the body you experience different positive emotions such as joy, triumph and awe.

Consent for participation:

Thank you for volunteering for the pleasure experiment.

The experiment takes about 5-15 minutes to complete. You can participate in the experiment if you are 18 years or older. Participating in the experiment is completely voluntary and you can stop the experiment at any time without giving any reason. All data are treated confidentially as required by the Finnish Personal Data Act and are accessible only by the members of the research team. The data are stored on an encrypted server at the University of Turku, and participants cannot be identified on the basis of their responses. The results of the experiment will be published in scientific journals. Browser identity information is not saved. The experiment is a project of the Human emotion systems research group at Turku PET Centre. Additional information about the experiment will be given by Prof. Lauri Nummenmaa (

Prior to giving the consent I have read and understood the Research Bulletin I received, and I have received sufficient information about the course of the experiment. I have been informed that the data collected from me will be treated confidentially in such way that my identity cannot be identified. I understand that my participation in the study is completely voluntary and that I can quit the experiment at any tine without giving any reason. I understand that the data are collected only for purposes of the scientific research and it is not even partially disclosed to the participant. By proceeding with the experiment, I give my consent to the collection and processing of the data in this experiment.